• Our Courses

    You don’t need to be strong & swim like athlete to take our classes. You can start right now.

  • Curriculum

    We are dedicated in providing PADI standard international curriculums. It’s guarantees for getting all you need to know.

  • Flexible Timing

    With our flexible timing your thirst about diving knowledge and skills will not be hampered by your busy schedule.

  • SDS Community

    We have huge community of divers in Surabaya who always welcome, helpful and share their experiences to you. Subscribe Newsletters …

Why Choose Us

We are strictly following PADI standart. Multimedia tools and cozy classroom making students learn easier to become a Scuba Diver before entering pool class. Mastering of all skills in unlimited schedule pool class before the open water class. Open water class using proper equipments with good maintenaced by professional. Good Knowledges, Good Habit and Good Confident are our Culture of Dive Safety.

Intelectual Development

We give special attention to your knowledge development with special classes, just to make you as smart as PADI Diver.

Habit Development

We believe to make safe dive is developing good habits, therefore our curriculum encourage good habits as Certified Scuba Diver.

Confident Development

We believe with good education, you ready to step in the underwater world with every divers around the world.

Culture of Dive Safety

We believe good knowledge, good habit and good confident are The Culture of Dive Safety.